The people of Maine in need deserve better than what they are used to. Our pledge to you is to provide just that. Dignity Care is built by people who have personal experience in caring for loved ones in their own families and a commitment to provide that same level of care to our clients.


Dignity Care is committed to serving all people in need throughout the communities of Maine.  It is no secret that our state healthcare programs are fragmented and confusing, at best, and negligently managed at worst.

Dignity Care has the experience in navigating these waters that we want to put to use for the people of Maine for whom they are meant to help.

There are three areas in which we excel: Veterans care, Alzheimer’s Care and Care Coordination with your medical professionals.

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The Veterans Administration provides a pension program called Aid & Attendance for qualifying veterans to receive assistance with activities of daily living in their own home. This program is 100% government funded and there is NO COST whatsoever to the client. If you are a wartime veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran you may well qualify.  Our Veterans Benefits Director will be happy to discuss with you whether or not you qualify. Click here to find out more.

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Communication with a person with Alzheimer’s requires patience, understanding and good listening skills. We have a select team of caregivers that are EssentiAlz certified by the National Alzheimers Association and participate in continuing education to keep current with the most current and effective dementia care techniques. They are skilled in identifying changes in the patient’s condition as the disease progresses and apply effective strategies to facilitate an improved quality of life and longevity for the patient.  Daily care logs can be reviewed by loved ones in our secure online Family Portal, complete with the day’s activities and any notes on changes in condition.

We have successfully applied these care techniques in clients with non-Alzheimer’s conditions, such as Traumatic Brain Injury as well as veterans with PTSD.

Dignity Care is your constant long-term companion.  You may see your doctor a few times per year and, in the case of a medical event you may have a nurse, physical therapist, or  occupational therapist come and visit you for a few weeks.  You may have also been recently discharged from a rehabilitation facility or directly from the hospital.  

These medical professionals are an important part of addressing acute medical events.  Your doctor also plays an ongoing role in monitoring your health.  

Dignity Care is, however, there with you for the long term – on a daily basis according to your desired schedule – and coordinates with all these other entities to ensure ongoing support and implementation of your medical needs. Additional service like meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation and help with activities of daily living further contribute to your long-term well being and quality of life at home.  Learn more about our services HERE.

Our Caregivers

Before every caregiver is hired we ask ourselves "is this someone who I would place as the caregiver for my own mother?". The answer must be 'yes'.Above all our caregivers must possess a heartfelt joy for the service we provide.

As a Homecare Agency, the only qualification that the State requires of us is that our caregivers participate in a Personal Support Specialist training.  This level of care, while adequate for many clients is simply not realistically sufficient for higher needs clients.

The State of Maine requires a one-time background check covering a limited scope of subject matter.  This does not meet our standards.  We conduct ongoing random background checks of our entire staff that includes care qualifications, driving records and potential criminal matters.

All of our caregivers engage in continuing education, including specialized training for many in Alzheimer's Care, Diabetic management and , First Aid and CPR, as well as meeting the high quality standards that define us.

Dignity Care offers higher wages so that about two-thirds of our caregiver staff are CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants).  In this way we are able to provide a dedicated caregiver to the client that has the skill level of a CNA.